Melodic Scribe
Music meets color
How can one make music visually perceivable? This question is the subject matter of this project. Sound impressions are translated into colorful patterns through the use of a microcontroller. The resulting patterns are incorporated in the manufacturing process of porcelain.
At first we worked on the question of how to convert musical perception in a new and progressive way. How could we include other sensory organs with the perception of music? We decided to try with the visual perception for two reasons, one because we felt demanded by its realization and because acoustic and optical perceptions are extremely distinct one to the other.
Thus we developed the idea to express music with colours. To do this, we chose to realize the impression of colours on the surface of a dining-plate. We decided to work with self manufactured porcelain plates. A new and at the same time useful product is created by this mélange of two distinct disciplines: a plate of porcelain painted by music. After coloring, the plates are burned in their usual process. A set of dishes is created, which not only is unique in its crafted art and form, but also in its decoration by musical pieces.
A musical piece is performed differently by different interpreters at different times, although the score may be the same. We developed the idea to bring musical incentives, converted into an optical play, on the surface of a plate, by a Manual-drop-mechanism. Each plate becomes unique in its colour pattern, as well as the musical performance, which accompanies its creation.
Material: E-Piano ,Computer, Microcontroller, DC-Motor, Wood, Alu, Porzellan, Glasur
Teamwork with Victor Gonzalez